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Part of the family

I have been working with contract printers since 1956, and have never received better service than I’m now getting from Wilcox Printing & Publishing. They deliver quality work on time at competitive prices—with a genuine interest in my needs. Wilcox provides customer service at a level I’ve never encountered elsewhere. I feel that I’m part of the family.

-Michael Laurence, former editor, Playboy magazine; current editor, Chronicle of the U.S. Classic Postal Issues

Iowa is lucky to have Wilcox Printing

Bringing Joy to others through my artwork is what inspires my work. Wilcox Printing in Madrid, Iowa has printed my designs to help make that happen many times over. They are great listeners and problem solvers. They have always been friendly and kind. Always finishing my projects in a timely manner. Central Iowa is lucky to have Wilcox printing.

-Betsy Peterson, Betsy Peterson Designs Gallery & Studio

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-John Doe

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